Impact Design




C A L E N D A R was created by Patricia Matey and Jorge Bolado to be an Impact design label, which manufactures sustainable handcrafted fashion for women empowerment building and environmental projects.

In C A L E N D A R we work hand to hand with single mothers heads of household, believing that real action and empowerment are the key aspect to make a change and support human rights. We believe in boosting the microeconomic sectors with integrity and consciousness.

C A L E N D A R is always looking to grow its social action by creating value for society and fighting against exploited conditions and deep poverty. We work with these inspirational women to achieve recognition, equality and fairness.

C A L E N D A R helps them to establish their workshops, involving them in the projects and helping them to improve their social and labour conditions.


Calendar swimwear_video corto from Patricia Matey De Saint Germain on Vimeo 


We believe in life, nice beatiful nature and wildlife protection.  We are aware that microplastics found in oceans, rivers and lakes as well as clothes made from synthetics, are widely implicated as a source of pollution.  

Synthetic fibers do not biodegrade, and tend to bind with molecules of harmful chemical pollutants found in wastewater, such as pesticides or flame retardants.  This represents health problems among plankton and other small organisms that eat microfibers which then make their way up the food chain affecting human and animals conditions. 

C A L E N D A R manufactures all their clothes with recycled fishing net in order to show how to be a fully suistainable brand.